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off to Narnia. er... TO CHARN by antler-girl off to Narnia. er... TO CHARN by antler-girl
Digory Kirke and Polly Plummer from the first Narnia book - The Magician's Nephew

So like, this was when they were going to Charn, but while I was drawing it I imagined them going to Narnia. Then after I remembered that when they went to Narnia they had the witch with them o_o. I did not really imagine the jumping into the pool part to look this way, but I just thought this looked cool.

the rings were originally yellow but then after going back through the books I realized that in order to go through the pool you need to be wearing the green rings. So I changed them to green at the last minute. do ignore the pitiful background, though. The coloring for this drawing was hard for me to do since I am terrible with light sources and I could have put more work into it except I got sick of coloring after a while. It took me a few days :)

btw it's not a shipper pic

Full viewage for this

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danitaguty Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2011  Student Filmographer
will you draw frank and helen???????
luckygirl555 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011
I remembered this! The first book was basicly explainin how Narnia was made.
antler-girl Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2011   General Artist
yep :) and where the white witch really came from. good book.
luckygirl555 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2011
Yep. Jadis.
FallenTrinities Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2008
looks really cool :D
Celeras Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2008
Wooooow. I really like the light surrounding them, sooooo magical.
QuartzShell Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2007
Awesome. The Magician's Nephew was one of my favorite Narnia books :D
SapphireDolphin89 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2007
I love that book!!! :peace: This is def going on my faves! :heart:
Kecky Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2007
gorgeous... I love how flowy everything is. It's great to see some art of Polly and Digory... The Magician's Nephew is my favorite Narnia book right now but it's always changing because I can't really pick a fave. :D

wonderful work!!!
Concetta20 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
Yay, Polly and Digory! Although I imagine their expression be alot more excited or anxious. They look bored or extremely solemn, of which they were neither at that time in the novel. Other than that, great artwork, awesome coloring!
EmmaDilemma Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2006
Really great job,I like the lighting and the hair. The clothes are good too, keep up the good work!
christina-chan Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2006
WOW that turned out really really well! thats how i always pictured them in the book, it is prob one of my favorites <3 the shading is wonderful in my opinon, some of your best stuff yet. the background is very pretty too. *favs*
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February 22, 2006
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